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Nikon Corporation

Nikon´s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, started a few years ago a web site for information to investors (financial reports, etc.), photographers (camera and lens introductions) and collectors (product information). Some employees are digging into Nikon´s history and are publishing (in Japanese and English) interesting stories about rare, old and new Nikon products.

Nikon´s headquarters, however, are not accessible for foreigners. Not even a foreign press desk has been set up. Conform to Japanese communication culture e-mails, letters and calls are not answered. Their webmaster may direct you to official Nikon representations somewhere else in the world! For investors in Japan - however - recently an email address has been made available!

Note: Information and/or announcements of new products on the site of Nikon Japan may differ from the announcements on sites of Nikon Europe and/or Nikon USA!!

Contact: Nikon Corporation


Nikon Museum

On October 17, 2015 Nikon Corporation opened its museum, showing the company's history and presenting the most important products it has produced since its foundation in 1917.

Location: Shinagawa Intercity Tower C, 2F, 2-15-3, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6290, Japan
Access 7 min. walk from the Konan Exit of JR Shinagawa Station
10 min. walk from Keikyu Shinagawa Station
Opening hours 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (last admission at 5:30 p.m.)
Closed Sundays, Japanese national holidays, and other days determined by the Museum
Admission Free
Contact TEL: +81-3-6433-3900 FAX: +81-3-6433-3901

See for more information its website: Nikon Museum


Nikon Professional Service

Nikon products were first imported into the United States of America - just after W.W. II - by the Overseas Finance & Trading Company (OFTC) in San Francisco. In 1950 Mr. Al Levin (1919-1999) became their Nikon sales- and serviceman for all States! In 1954 Ehrenreich Photo-Optical Industries (EPOI) took over the import of Nikon products. Al Levin moved from OFTC to EPOI and started in 1954 a technical service for professional photographers. Nikon Professional Service was born! Currently NPS is a membership organization through which Nikon Corporation offers support and services to professional photographers throughout the world (approx. 30 countries). As per November 9, 2010 Nikon Corporation launched a special NPS Global web site.

Contact: Nikon Professional Service


Nikkor Club

The oldest club of Nikon enthusiasts was founded in 1952 by Mr. Masao Nagaoka (1897-1974), in those days president of Nippon Kogaku K.K. (alias Nikon Corporation). Membership is open to everybody, also foreigners, either photographers or collectors. For some of you there might be a minor problem: all publications are in Japanese only! The club organizes various activities, including an annual contest.

Contact: Nikkor Club



This is a very interesting site, maintained by a Norwegian photographer, Jarle Aarland. His forum is a must for collectors of early Nikon digital equipment, including cameras and related products made by Kodak, Fuji and others.

Contact: Nikonweb


Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo (Nikon Society Tokyo)

This club of mainly Japanese enthusiasts resides every month in Tokyo to discuss rare & special Nikon gear. Via their site or monthly reports (in English) the rest of the world may enjoy their discoveries.

Contact: Nikon Society Tokyo


Nikon Catalogus

This bilingual (Dutch - English) web site has been set up by the Dutch Nikon collector & publicist Hans Braakhuis. His site is particularly interesting for collectors of Nikon binoculars and of publications on Nikon. He also published some books himself with enumerations of (almost) everything Nikon produced. These books, called Nikon Catalogus, are in Dutch only. Finally he published unique manuscripts on the history of the optical industry in general and Nikon´s history in particular.

Contact: Nikon catalogus


Nikon Photography

This is actually not an official title of the web site of Leonard Foo (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), a very active and well-known IT-expert. This beautiful web site was set up in 1998 and is still extended. It gives a very nice overview of nearly all Nikon products (and some other brands). Assisted by Nikon enthusiasts form all over the world (including Nico van Dijk) Mr. Foo created the most attractive Nikon web site one can find on the net.

Contact: Nikon Photography


Nikon en français

For the Francophone among us the French professional Pierre Jarleton has created a magnificent website (Apphotnum) about Nikon products. Some pages are in English too.

Contact: apphotnum


Nikon clubs around the world.

In many countries around the world clubs of Nikon enthusiasts and/or photographers exist. Some were founded by photographers and/or collectors, some by local Nikon representatives. Not all are represented on the internet, some are a branch of a larger collector´s or photographer´s club. If, for whatever reason, you think your club should be mentioned here, please contact the webmaster.


Nikon collectors

A lot of collectors have set up web sites to present their collection of and/or their experience with Nikon products. It is impossible to list them all. The Nikon Catalogus (see above) is a good source for publications on Nikon products.


Nikon publicists

Many amateur and professional photographers and camera dealers have published various books, magazines and texts on the net and in print. They show us what they think of certain Nikon products or show us what they were able to do with those products. It is impossible to list all those people here. Via the Nikon Catalogus a long list of publications (in various languages) has been published.


Nikon specialized shops

On our globe there are many shops selling vintage Nikon gear. Too many to list here.